FIFA 18 Details Its Version For Nintendo Switch

2017-06-15 11:49

The case of FIFA 13 and Wii U was disappointing for all Nintendo players just under a lustrum. With Electronic Arts returning to a Nintendo home platform, we wanted to know the opinion of one of the main developers of the video game, Sam Rivera, that guaranteed that the future of FIFA 18 in Switch has nothing to do with the one seen on Wii U.

The question was simple: Will Switch users have a franchise match or will they have to pull a second-rate FIFA? "Nothing at all, FIFA in Switch is not a FIFA port, it expects top-quality gameplay and a video game to live up to expectations. The main producer of the hybrid system version, said: "It is the best FIFA that you can play where, when and with whom you want. We offer the immersive and authentic experience that the fans are waiting for FIFA, taking advantage of the many options of game that allows Nintendo Switch both at home and outside”.

In fact, this new edition offers well-known game modes like FIFA Ultimate Team, Career Mode, Quick Match and Local Seasons, as well as women's football; Being the "EA SPORTS portable video game deeper to date". With Ultimate Team the player can enjoy different modalities like the Creation Challenges of Templates, Online and Offline Seasons, Tournaments and Draft. Also of the last events of the real season of soccer, the market of signings and many more characteristics of Ultimate Team that will be revealed later.

FIFA 18 in Nintendo Switch offers a resolution of 1080p in television mode and 720p in the laptop. It will premiere next to the other versions on September 29. We will start to offer cheap FIFA 18 Coins since then, delivering via player auction and FIFA 18 Comfort Trade service.

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