New Evidence of the FIFA 18 Agreement With PlayStation

2017-06-08 11:12

Sony has been engaged in recent years in marketing the so called 'marketing deals' more juicy on the market, with the intention of dyeing the events, shelves and TV ads of the most important third-party releases.

This weekend has been known that, the multinational was effectively behind the promotional agreement of the games of EA Sports hitherto linked to Xbox, and that from this season will become very visible at least with the Super-sales FIFA 18.

With these branding agreements, Microsoft wanted its Xbox One console to be a cool one among the European public, at least speaking of FIFA, and it has certainly done a lot of good in recent years. It is not known how the situation is now, as it would be surprising that Microsoft and EA also stopped promoting the Madden football series together in its first market. In its day, the partnership with EA Sports was defined as an "unprecedented deal" that seems to have lasted just over four years.

Keep in mind that other super-sales like the Activision CoD series also changed their jacket this generation (Call of Duty: WWII, like its recent predecessors, is featured on PlayStation in both sales and eSports). In addition, despite the strength of the EA Access service on Xbox, other titles like Star Wars Battlefront and its next continuation already agreed the blue promotion. In this fiscal year Sony also has the branding of Activision's Destiny 2, Far Cry 5 (Ubisoft usually alternates between PS4 and Xbox One and does not usually marry anyone), -or even the Red Dead Rockstar Redemption 2.

It will be interesting to see how Microsoft's strategy in this respect follows from E3, in the final stretch to the launch of a Project Scorpio that promises the best versions of cross-platform games. Well now, we are ready to offer cheap FIFA  18 Coins to you when it’s released. Stay tuned with us for more FIFA 18 news.

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