How to change a player’s position in EA FC 24 Career Mode

2023-10-08 16:26

In a world filled with fluid forward lines and ever-changing formations, it's never been more important for EA Sports FC managers to understand their squad's flexibility. Just look at Manchester City's John Stones moving into midfield, or Liverpool's Trent Alexander-Arnold.

Just like in real life, some players in EA FC 24 can play multiple positions, some of which they can learn quickly, while others they can transition through grinding. 

So, do you have a wing-back who should play as a full-back or an attacking midfielder who can play as a striker? Well, let's take a look at how to change positions in career mode.

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How to change position in EA FC 24 Career Mode

The following methods work for all types of players, meaning defenders, midfielders, and forwards can learn new positions in your career mode.


Open the Career Mode in EA FC

Scroll to the "Squads" tab and click "Squad Hub"

Select the player you would like to change positions

Hit Development Plan

Press R2 or RT (if playing on PS and Xbox) and choose a position

ETA shows a countdown of weeks until the position change

You will then receive an email – confirming that they are ready to change positions

Return to the player's Squad Hub tab until you see their "Change Location" white banner appear

Select them, click Develop, and press Triangle or A to confirm changes


How long does it take to change position?

Your players can change positions in EA FC after just two weeks of training. Yes, play a few games and your CAM will be a forward or winger in no time.

Make sure not to be too ambitious, though, because if you have some crazy ideas, it could cost as long as a year to change the position.

When we are playing the game, some midfielders who wanted to move into defense took up to 300 weeks - even if you're simulating, that's a long time. So when you sign a player, make sure they can easily fit into your planned role, otherwise, you'll be wasting a lot of transfer money.

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