FIFA 23 - Zambo Anguissa's 'Team of the Week' Buff

2023-03-09 10:28

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S.S.C. Napoli’s magical campaign this season sees the club leading the Serie A standings by a massive 18-point lead against second-placed Inter Milan, besides having a 2-0 first-leg advantage against Eintracht Frankfurt in the UEFA Champions League Knockout Phase as well.

With the release of ‘Team of the Week 18’ (TOTW18), some of us might find it unsurprising to see a Napoli player chosen inside the new roster, given that Napoli managed to win 2-0 away to Empoli despite being a player down for the final 30 minutes.

Who’s the deserving Napoli player to be selected, you might ask?

Well, it’s 27-year old Zambo Anguissa who was just exceptional in that game against Empoli on Sunday.

A midfield destroyer who is just too strong to be bullied around, here’s how Anguissa’s TOTW18 card looks like in the game right now:

(CM) Zambo Anguissa’s ‘Team of the Week 18’ Player Card: OVR 87 (+6)

Physicality: 90 (+6)
Defending: 87 (+7)
Dribbling: 87 (+6)
Pace: 85 (+7)
Passing: 80 (+9)
Shooting: 78 (+10)

Physically imposing yet has the speed and agility required to outpace many opposition players, Anguissa doesn’t have any glaring weaknesses to his abilities at all.

He can play as a CDM too, benefitting from a Controlled AcceleRATE type that suits his profile.

Anguissa’s mean right foot is his favourite, and his new card offers two (2) nice traits as well:

Technical Dribbler (CPU AI)

This new Anguissa can already be found inside card packs until the next TOTW line-up is released on 8th March 2023 (Wednesday).

You can also acquire it from the Transfer Market for around the following price too:

PS/ Xbox: 28,000 FIFA Coins
PC: 29,000 FIFA Coins

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