FIFA 23 FUT Centurions Team 2 Leaks, Predictions & Release Time

2023-01-13 13:52

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The FUT Centurions promotion has taken over FIFA 23 Ultimate Team, introducing a brand new event to the game!

Team 1 is currently packing and Team 2 will soon follow, celebrating a more consistent performance in football.


Stay up-to-date on FUT Centurions Team 2 news and leaks right here, as we keep you up to date on everything it releases.

FUT Centurions Team 2 release date
The FUT Centurions promotion in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team kicks off on Friday, January 6 (1pm ET / 6pm GMT).

Team 2 cards will replace the Team 1 packs on Friday, January 13, followed by a mini-release on Saturday, January 14 at 1PM ET / 6PM GMT.

They'll be in droves until Friday, January 20th, when the Team of the Year takes over!

newest loading screen
The usual trio of players has been teased on FUT 23's latest loading screen, with many getting excited about the addition of the AC Milan striker - and it could be Zlatan Ibrahimovic!

For now, however, frequent leaker Fut Sheriff has unnerved fans by stating that Ibra will not be playing.

If it wasn't for the Swedes, then Olivier Giroud, Charles de Cattral or Divock Origi might get a card!

The class of 93 is expected to be Mohamed Salah, and the card on the right could belong to Marcoreeus.

FUT Centurion
Centurions is a brand new promotion for Ultimate Team dedicated to top players with more than 100 appearances, goals, assists or clean sheets!

As usual, new players received an overall boost and were released through packs, SBCs, and objectives, and around 40 new cards will be introduced during the event.

With Cristiano Ronaldo left out of the Team of the Year nominees, does that mean he'll headline Team 2 in the FUT Centurions promo?

EA doesn't usually include the same player in consecutive promotional squads, so the idea makes sense.

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