FIFA 23 Title Update 3 Live - full patch notes

2022-11-10 17:11

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We have the full official FIFA 23 Title Update 3 patch notes, so you can see exactly what changes are going on in this release.

FIFA 23 Title Update 3 Patch Notes

As the 2022 FIFA World Cup experience arrives, FIFA 23 Title Update 3 will ensure the game is ready for players.

In addition to mostly World Cup content additions, this release comes bundled with a few other changes and bug fixes.

The download size is 3.87 GB for PS5 and 4.90 GB for PS4.

We have yet to see confirmation of download sizes on the two Xbox consoles.

The new content will be spread across several different parts of the game, including: FIFA World Cup Kickoff, FIFA World Cup Championship, Online Tournament, FIFA World Cup: Live and FUT 23.

Here are all of the FIFA 23 Title Update 3 patch notes without further ado:

The following changes have been made:

Added FIFA World Cup 2022™ experience. To learn more about the FIFA 2022 World Cup experience, check out our pitch notes.

Removed pre-existing Brazil team from kickoffs, tournaments, online friendlies and online seasons. The Brazil national team has players for the upcoming FIFA 2022™ World Cup available for the FIFA 2022™ World Cup experience.

Updated some commentary lines and celebrations.

The following issues are resolved:

The specified controller settings preset were not always taken into consideration when updating the Training Center Focus Areas.

Addressed multiple stability issues that could occur.

While these newcomers will affect much of FIFA 23, they are especially important as FUT 23 moves forward.

FUT 23 Season 2 will feature World Cup promos that could significantly change the Ultimate Team landscape in the coming weeks.

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