FIFA 23 Career Mode: Five BEST teams to use at the start of the game

2022-07-06 16:36

It is a wise choice to buy safe FIFA 22 Coins on U7buy. FIFA 23 is just around the corner, with tons of news and leaks about the new game coming.

One mode that needs some love is Career Mode, where the reins of football management are in your hands.

If you're looking for a team to start your FIFA 23 career, look no further as we have five ideal candidates to make great saves.

Best teams to use in FIFA 23

Of course, a lot of top teams have made big moves in the transfer window.

Manchester City and Liverpool have both achieved impressive results, but everyone knows how good these guys are.

Instead, we wanted to take a look at five teams that offer different paths that could potentially lead you to managerial glory in FIFA 23.


From Dortmund to Burnley, it's a position switch that not many would choose.

Having said that, recently relegated Burnley are another team to start the rebuilding phase.

Some of the top young players have been secured, with stars like Scott Twin coming in from the league below.

Their team might not look the most exciting at the start of the game, but for a little money, we're sure you can turn a Turf Moor team into a dangerous one in FIFA 23.


After years of nurturing young talent, now known as the Wonderkid Factory, Dortmund has a solid foundation for the start of FIFA 23.

With Erling Haaland sold and Jude Bellingham sure to leave in the next year or so, Dortmund will be in a rebuilding phase.

With talent like Karim Adeyemi signed this summer and players like Yusofa Mukoko still developing, Dortmund represent a blank canvas to some extent.

With Bayern Munich dominating Germany, can you stand up and knock them down from the heights?

Inter Milan

It might seem like an obvious choice, but Inter are the side you need to use in FIFA 23.

With Lukaku confirmed and Paulo Dybala rumoured to join, Inter have undoubtedly one of the best attacking forces in the game.

With the Italian giants recently signing with eFootball, it will also be their last appearance in FIFA for some time, all the more reason to enter the San Siro and build a dynasty.

Stockport County

Coming back to FIFA and the EFL for the first time in years, it's always good to suggest a Path to Glory type career in FIFA 23.

County, which qualified from the Wanarama National League last season, are finally back in the Football League and will no doubt have aspirations to move beyond League Two.

Aston Villa

Aston Villa always seem to make it to these lists, no matter what history should tell us.

Another summer of shrewd signings has seen the Villans shine in the Premier League, with Coutinho, Camara and Carlos all signed.

This will no doubt make Villa a dangerous team to make it into FIFA 23, and the Birmingham-based club wants to take it to the next level with your guidance.

With their momentum, can you be the manager to take Stockport further in FIFA 23?

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