How to get FIFA 23 closed beta codes: Early access FAQs

2022-06-10 10:23

U7buy is your best choice to buy excellent FUT 22 coins and enjoy your game. FIFA 23 Closed Beta will be released by EA SPORTS to a select number of players to test Ultimate Team, Career Mode or other modes before launch. Here's how to gain access.

As the final game of the FIFA series, Electronic Arts was either booming or whimpering. Fans around the world will want to see the former, as major changes are expected in various modes: Career Mode, Ultimate Team, VOLTA Football, Pro Club, and more.

If you're looking for an opportunity to jump into action early, the FIFA 23 Beta Code is your ticket.

Here, we'll discuss how to get the code, and what you can do once you get it.

How can you get FIFA 23 beta codes

Notably, FIFA 23 beta code is released to a select number of players. Controversial, as with FIFA 22, there are two options:

(1) You are a certified FUT Champions player

(2) Register the official email address

If you want to sign up for their email list, the following instructions will tell you:

How to sign up for an official email

Go to the EA website. Access your EA account email preferences. Check the box to opt-in to receive emails about EA Services and news emails. Make sure you use the correct email address too. Then, wait to see if you are allowed access. If you receive one, check the mode the beta grants you access to. It can be Ultimate Team, Career or something else. Load the code onto your Xbox or PlayStation console.

Can you transfer FIFA 23 beta codes?

It's a question people ask every year, but no - you can't transfer FIFA 23 beta codes from one account to another. This means that if you get access to a beta version but can't redeem it for any reason, your friends won't be able to use it. These restrictions are in place as only selected players are allowed.

When will the FIFA 23 beta start?

The FIFA 23 closed beta - if it follows the same schedule as previous releases - will launch in the second week of August 2022.

It will then end when it begins in September 2022, when fans will have to wait for EA Play Early Access to kick off.

Is there a second FIFA 23 beta?

Content creators such as Twitch streamers and YouTube streamers will most likely be granted early access to FIFA 23.

They will also sign a non-disclosure agreement and will not be able to share information until their press embargo is lifted. They can start sharing information with their audience until then.

What can you share from the beta?

If you are one of the lucky players selected to participate in the FIFA 23 closed beta, you will be asked to sign an agreement not to share information widely. This means that you cannot post screenshots to Twitter, Facebook or other social platforms.

Leaking content is prohibited, although some information is often found through the cracks by large content creators.

The download size for the closed beta has yet to be determined.

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