Play During The FIFA 22 Next Generation Campaign And Obtain Exclusive items

2021-12-09 15:29

Did you know that if you buy FIFA 22 coins from u7buy you get the best prices and fast deliveries? The FIFA 22 Next Generation Campaign has started. Unlike other game events where you have to complete activities to get the rewards, this program hands you the prize if you simply play the game. It's almost as easy as buying FUT 22 coins from u7buy. The Next Generation campaign starts on December 15th.


How To Get a Free Player During the FIFA 22 Next Generation Campaign


The campaign ends on January 14th. You have a month to get your free item so that's enough time. Let's see who are the players that are part of the program. FIFA 22 Next Generation features Christian Pulisic, Eduardo Camavinga, Jude Bellingham, Kylian Mbappe, Theo Hernandez, and Phil Foden. They are some of the youngest and most talented footballers. Everyone is watching them and expecting great things from them in the years to come. They represent the next generation in football. The campaign gives players the chance to obtain a FUT 22 card representing one of these players. The card depicts the moment in the players' careers just as they are about to advance to the next stage. The OVR of the Next Generation item shows the player at this important point in his career. You don't need to do anything to receive the card. All those who have played before January 14th are eligible for a Next Generation card. All platforms are included in the campaign. You get the prize whether you play on PC, Stadia, current and last-generation Xbox and PlayStation consoles. It doesn't matter if it's the standard or ultimate edition of the game. Unfortunately, those who play on Nintendo Switch will not get this free card. Players will get the item as soon as they are eligible to receive it. This means that you can get it as early as December 15th when the campaign starts. The Next Generation item cannot be traded. If you miss the chance to get it, you cannot obtain it from other players. If you upgrade to the next-generation version of FIFA 22, your FUT 22 progress migrates to the new console. The Next Generation item is part of the collection so it won't be left behind. Other FIFA 22 events have also started. We have a new Team of the Group Stage, the Black Friday program, and the Rachel Stringer Featured Squad Battle.


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