FIFA 22 – How To Developer Your Created Player In Career Mode

2021-10-09 00:00

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How to Earn XP and Level Up in Player Career


This feature works only with created players. If you choose a Real Player, you will play by the old rules. XP is the game feature through which players level up. Each new level comes with skill points. Players can acquire XP in three ways. Each played game rewards XP. Several factors influence how much XP you earn. The most important one is the match rating. If you have a good rating, you will get a lot of XP at the end of the game. Bonus XP is acquired by performing actions during the match. These actions include scoring goals, doing tackles, and more. You will know that you have performed an XP action if you see the three Vs icon on the screen. Training sessions are another way to acquire XP. Your player can take part in three weekly sessions. XP from training varies based on your favorite position. For example, strikers get more XP when they do a shooting practice. Defending drills give better XP to defenders. Bonus XP can also be acquired from training. Completing all the training drills for the first time gives extra XP. Players have the option to play or simulate their drills. They get more XP when they play it. The grade does not influence how much XP they obtain. FIFA 22 gives you the option to create presets with the training sessions you like best. This way, players have easier access to them when they start a training session. The third way to acquire XP is enhanced game objectives. Players get XP when they complete such an objective during the game. The goal is to level up and get skill points. They are spent in the skill tree to unlock attribute boosts. The skill tree has seven main sections: physical, defending, dribbling, passing, shooting, pace, and goalkeeping. Each section contains specific attributes that you can upgrade with points.


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