FIFA 22: New features on PS4 and Xbox One part 2

2021-09-08 17:07

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Keep them out

FIFA's biggest difficulty in recent years is how difficult it is to defend-especially in the Ultimate Team. First of all, look forward to your GK with 600 new animations to provide you with more help, and customize the personalities and advantages of some of the best goalkeepers in the world.


Together with your defender, look forward to getting clearer results from the tackle animation, as well as better ball speed and angles of successful tackle-increasing the probability of your team winning possession. On the contrary, the bane of AI blocks should be less aggressive, and animations are especially less powerful when they are not competing. Those who have seen the gameplay will see Christian Pulisics shoulder challenging the defender, which can now be executed by clicking O/B. The efficiency is related to the attributes of the attacker and the defender. For the first time, you can also perform a manual block by tapping O/B when you are close to a shot or pass-we can't wait to test it.


Expect to see a closer battle between defense and offense in FIFA 22 and the arrival of "interrupted interception". This is an attempted interception. You may not win the ball, but you will at least divert the ball away from its intended route. You will also see how your teammates control the limits of the attacker, each player has his own endurance-this means you can't let the AI do all the work. Player switching has also been improved, providing you with four options (you can turn it off and on) to change players, so if someone is not in the position, you can always make the correct call. Yes, the PS4, Xbox One and PC versions of FIFA 22 may not have the shiny features of Hypermotion technology, but you will still get a significantly advanced gaming experience from FIFA 21.

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