FIFA 21 A Potential FIFA 22 Leak Reveals New Icons

2021-07-19 11:24

FIFA 21 players are eagerly waiting for FIFA 22 news. While EA SPORTS hasn't revealed anything yet, a potential leak gives us some info about the contents of the new game. It seems that some of the new FIFA 22 Icons have been spotted.


New FIFA 22 Icons Found in the Game's Code


As it is with all the leaks and rumors, we must first question the source. The info was revealed on FUT Watch's Twitter account. FUT Watch is a community website for FIFA Ultimate Team. Their Twitter account is pretty popular with almost 240,000 followers. It's an active account where FUT updates and any bits of interest are shared every day. It seems that the people at FUT Watch are determined to learn anything about the game. They go as far as looking through the game's code. Following the July 7th update, the code got more Icons. They were immediately spotted by the FUT Watch team. It looks like they don't call themselves watch for nothing. The first tweet mentioned that new FIFA 22 Icon cards for legendary players such as Wayne Rooney, Alfredo di Stefano, Cafu, Robin van Persie, and Iker Casillas have been found in the game code. Each Icon card has three variants. There's nothing unusual for an EA SPORTS FIFA game to add new Icons and we all know that Icons come in three versions. FIFA 21 shipped with 100 new Icon cards and added Icon David Beckham a few months after the release date. The 2020 game also gives players the opportunity to acquire Icon cards as rewards from Squad Building Challenges and the Icon Swap program. The ratings of the new FIFA 22 Icons have been made public too. Rooney has an Icon card with 86 and 88 OVR. The attributes seem to be 83 acceleration, 88 positioning, 88 passing, 82 dribbling, and 85 strength. Alfredo di Stefano has Icon cards with 90 and 92 OVR. Cafu's base Icon item has 88 OVR and the other two have 90 and 93 OVR. Iker Casillas's 89 OVR card has 90 diving, 88 handling, 84 kicking, 88 reflexes, 56 speed, and 91 positioning. The people going through the code discovered more new FIFA 22 player cards. Names such as Claudio Terzi, Greg Halford, Jor Murphy, Lars Ricken, and Andy Butler are among the additions. Ivan Cordoba is an 87 OVR item. One can find the full list online.

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