FUT 21 – Diogo Jota’s ‘Path to Glory’

2021-06-08 10:05

With Cristiano Ronaldo gracing the famous red-and-green shirt of Portugal, some critics may say that the country’s success is highly tied to the presence of the Juventus man within the squad.


However, Portugal has an array of other talented football players within their ranks that the national team may even do without the tall Portuguese hitman, if the formation does not suit him.


In FUT 21, with the latest Festival of FUTball (FOF) promo now underway, a new ‘Path to Glory’ (PTG) player card has just been introduced into the game.


Who is the lucky player to receive the player card upgrade?


Liverpool’s newest attacking addition, Diogo Jota, will be getting another upgraded player card in FUT 21!


Boasting an overall rating of 90, Jota’s PTG Player Card improves upon his base 80-Rated Gold Player Card respectively:


· Dribbling: 92 (+8)

· Pace: 92 (+9)

· Shooting: 89 (+12)

· Passing: 87 (+16)

· Physical: 86 (+9)

· Defending: 65 (+12)


One of the unique features of the PTG Player Card is that, if Portugal manages to obtain a certain number of wins throughout EURO 2020, then Jota’s PTG Player Card will be upgraded even further, potentially becoming 95-Rated too!


If you are very interested to obtain his player card today, these are the two (2) Squad-Building Challenges (SBCs) that you will need to complete first:


· NATIONAL DUTY (Reward: Premium Gold Players Pack)

Minimum number of Players from Portugal: 1

Minimum Squad Rating: 87

Minimum Team Chemistry: 55

Minimum number of Players in the Squad: 11


· LIVERPOOL (Reward: Prime Electrum Players Pack)

Minimum number of Players from Liverpool: 1

Minimum Squad Rating: 86

Minimum Team Chemistry: 60

Minimum number of Players in the Squad: 11


The deadline is set on 18th June 2021 (Friday), so you will need to complete these SBCs quickly before then.


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