FIFA 21: Roberto Firmino Freeze card is very useful.

2020-12-30 00:00

Roberto Firmino is another of the players who already has his own Freeze card and thanks to that he is no longer a forward. Firmino is now an outstanding midfielder with very good attributes and a player to take into account.
Before describing all his virtues, we must tell you that this card will be unlockable in the SBC until January 14, so check it out. Otherwise, you would have buy FIFA Coins online because the price of this card in the transfer market is very high and surely you will not reach it with the coins you currently have.
Why is Firmino Freeze good?
Firmino has high attributes in almost about every aspect, with more than decent sprint and acceleration points for a mixed midfielder, so you don't need to worry about this factor.
Of course, shooting remain as one of his main strengths with a finishing of 80 points and a shooting power of 82, ideal for solving those opportunities that midfielders occasionally have in matches.
The Brazilian can easily become that surprise offensive player who adds an extra touch of danger to each play. With his 86 attack position points, Firmino manages to position himself very well and take advantage of the spaces left by the rival defense inside and outside the box.
His ability to pass the ball is his best attribute.
Firmino is an excellent midfielder to play on the first touch and come out from behind with short passes. Of course, he has a dribble skill a little below the average compared to the best midfielders in the game with 82 balance points. However, this is not something that affects too much his or your team's performance.
Also, he has 93 short passing points and a vision of 92, extraordinary for organizing the team's game and building attacking plays with great precision.
As if that were not enough, the Liverpool player has 5 stars of skillful movements that will allow you to do even the most difficult dribbles and that most disengage the rival defense. This can serve to counteract his not so good dribble.
Reliable in defensive phase.
Contrary to what we can expect, Firmino's defense attributes are quite good. He has a steal attributes of 90, interception 83 and sweeps 83 that will allow him to steal a few balls per game and cut off the opponent's attacks.
In conclusion, Roberto Firmino transformed himself into one of the most versatile midfielders in the entire game thanks to these Freeze variant. While he may be a bit lacking in speed and dribbling, he makes up for these shortcomings with his excellent offensive play and good ball passing, being in the same level of the best midfielders of the game.
In addition, having Firmino there in the middle will always be a surprise factor against the other players who will not know how he performs in that position or what are his greatest virtues and strengths, so they will not know how to defend him. Unless they have read this article.
FIFA 21 is now available worldwide on PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Google Stadia and PC.

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