FIFA 21 – What Are Volta Squads

2020-09-16 13:05

FIFA 21 Volta is getting a new mode called Squads. This new way to play invites players to take part in community games or to play in a solo game. This mode is played online. After you create an avatar, you can join a public lobby. This is where you can join a party with three other players and play against another group. This is called drop in.
The captain of such a team is randomly decided. The team gets the captain's team name and crest. As a captain, you can modify the matchmaking settings. You have the option of choosing a match type and several settings, such as walls, no walls, and more. You can also choose your opponent.
For example, you can opt to play with co-op teams only. The other group members can change positions with an AI player. The only ones who cannot change the position are the goalkeepers. Team members can also check out the matchmaking settings and other players' gear. A team is not necessarily disbanded after a game. You can join the next match with the same team. You can view your recent opponents and send them friend invites.
Speaking of friends, you can join a team of players that are in your friends list. Players can create private lobbies and invite their friends into their team. The player who makes the private lobby is the team's captain. A private lobby captain has the same permissions as a public lobby captain. Teams that don't have enough human players will get computer players. You also have the option to play solo. In this case, all of your teammates will be computer players. The squad management feature allows you the make changes to the team.
Volta squads have an associated division system. You will take part in some placement games that will determine your starting division. You will advance to a superior division depending on the number of winning matches. You can also downgrade if you lose too many. A division has its matchmaking raking that is determined by game history.
A division has five ranks. You can get a better rank depending on your division events progress. Weekly events will allow you to obtain the points necessary to rank up. Each rank comes with rewards. When you get promoted to a better division, you get Volta coins and exclusive Squads gear.
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(Contributed by Reda; Edited by Hermes_Fang)

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