Madden NFL 20 – Are You Watching The Madden Bowl?

2020-05-07 14:28

The Madden Bowl is the most prestigious Madden NFL 20 tournament. This e-sports competition welcomes 16 players. Sixteen enter but only one gets to be the grand winner and be crowned Madden 20 champion. This year's event has a prize pool of $220,000 prize pool. The winner gets $65,000. The runner-up walks away with $25,000. Third and fourth places get $20,000. Fifth to eight places receive $10,000. Ninth to 12th places get a prize of $7,500. The last four places get $5,000.

The tournament has five stages. It begins with four groups of four players each. This stage has round-robin rules. The winners from each group go straight to stage three which is the quarter-finals. The second and third places compete in stage two for a chance to advance to the quarter-finals. The third place from group A competes with the second place from group B and the winner faces the first from group A in the quarter-finals.

The second from group A faces the third from group B and the winner plays against the first from group B in the quarter-finals. The third from group C plays against the second from group D and the winner competes against the winner from group C. The second from group C plays against the third from group D and the winner faces the winner of group D. Eight players will compete in quarter-finals. The winners from each group go to the semi-finals. The finals is between the two winners of the semi-finals.

As you can imagine, the competition is taking place entirely online. You have the chance to watch the live games on Twitch and YouTube. If you watch on Twitch, you might get some rewards. Twitch drops are random prizes received by those who watch select live streams.

The Madden Bowl stream is one of these events. At the moment, we are in the first stage of the event. There isn't much longer until the Madden NFL 20 champion is decided. Whoever gets this title has come a long way. The tournament started last year in August.

There were many events that led to the final event. You can be sure that the competing players are the best Madden NFL 20 players in the world. Watching them play against each other is guaranteed entertainment so don't miss the games. Remember that if you need something to help you with your game, you can always count on MUTeamGo for the best offers and fast deliveries.

(Contributed by Reda; Edited by Hermes_Fang)

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