How to report the use of toxic EA players and cheats

2020-03-12 10:53

FIFA 20 rules are very important to make the game fair and fun. EA Sports, developer of the soccer simulator, offers channels and different ways to report cheating, the use of cheats and hacks, toxic behavior and other prohibited practices in the game. The player who breaches the rules of the game can even receive, in more serious situations, the eternal ban from servers and competitive tournaments.
Any player can report a cheating player within a game or game service. When submitting the complaint, the developer will investigate the case and proceed according to its policies. Check out how to make reports in FIFA 20 below.

How to report toxic players?
Step 1. In the pause menu for a match, select the "View Player List" option (X button on Xbox One and square on PS4), below the lineup.
Step 2. Select the player you want to report - in case of more players connected, everyone's gamertag / PSN will also appear.
Step 3. Choose the "Report inappropriate content on FUT" option. In other modes, the player will find the "Report abuse" option.
Step 4. Choose the "Report inappropriate club name" option to select the reason for the report.
Ready! After choosing the reason for the complaint, your report will be sent to EA.

Cheaters on Copa Libertadores?
EA designer responsible for the development of Libertadores, Alex Constantinescu, told the media  that the reproduction of this atmosphere of South American football has undergone an intense work of data collection, in addition to the consumption of transmissions by Conmebol. Also according to him, the arrival of the competition in the game is the first step taken with the partnership, and there is an intention to develop more related materials. When responding about real appearances in licensed players, Constantinescu claimed that, at least for now, only athletes from four teams have faithfully reproduced faces. They are Millionarios, from Colombia, Universidad Católica, from Chile and Independiente and Racing, from Argentina.
You may encounter this kind of players in the game on this season or any other on this game. Therefore, we urge you to follow our steps. Remember, a game will be called toxic by his fanbase and players, so you must follow the rules and respect others!
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