FIFA 20 Global Series Event Types

2019-11-15 15:48

FIFA 20 Global Series tournament has started. Players can register and start getting points. There are eight types of events that allow participants to obtain points. These points are needed to qualify for the eWorld Cup. Here are the events.

FUT Champion Cups will be played throughout the tournament. There will be six of them and each one has 64 participants. There will be 32 Xbox One players and 32 PlayStation 4 players. FUT Champion Cups have a prize pool of $200,000. They also have the largest points allotment.

Licensed qualifying events are similar to FUT Champions Cup but they are smaller. These are organized in collaboration with partners. There will also be two Major tournaments, the eNations Cup and the eClub World Cup. These are national and team competitions.

Just like in previous years, League qualifying tournaments will be organized. These events allow players to represent their favorite football clubs. The Global Series will include around 20 leagues. Champions League, Bundesliga, Premier League, La Liga, and Ligue 1 are just some of the leagues that are part of this year's tournament.

PlayStation 4 verified players have the chance to take part in two exclusive events organized by Sony. One of them is the eChampions league. These events will have three stages. PlayStation 4 country tournaments are the other types of PS4 events. These will be organized by Sony in countries around the globe. Regional restrictions may apply. Make sure to keep an eye on PlayStation's or Sony's news feed to learn more about these events.

FUT Champions Weekend Leagues allow players to get points within the game. The Weekend League monthly performance is taken into consideration when calculating the number of obtained points.

The Global Series Playoffs are the last tournaments that award points before the eWorld Cup. Sixty-four PlayStation 4 participants and 64 Xbox One participants will compete in the playoffs. It's one of the events that have the biggest number of available points. It represents the players' last shot at getting the points needed to advance. Those who make it can get ready for the next stage: the FIFA eWorld Cup.

The competition will only get more challenging from this point on but players who made it so far surely got what it takes to become FIFA 20 champions. If you think you can be one of them, you have the chance to enter the tournament. Provided you meet the requirements, nothing is stopping you from registering and becoming FUT Champions verified.

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