Why is FIFA 20 better than FIFA 19?

2019-10-16 10:52

The EA Sports 18/19 season title has been one of the most criticized to date. Probably, the global success of the saga means that every year more and more players (with very different abilities) take over FIFA and try to dominate the game and be pro's. This causes frustration to appear especially in gamers not so skilled that they can end up making unfounded criticism.
On the other hand, the problem becomes more worrying when complaints or discontent comes, to a large extent, from players with proven ability and even video game professionals.
One of the main problems that, week after week, detected the community of players was related to the FIFA Ultimate Team mode and the incorrect functioning of online servers to play the corresponding qualifiers and score points of the Global Series.
The lag made the frustration increase and the parties were absurdly slow, buffeted and with totally unnatural movements due to the micro-cuts of connection.
This supersaturation of the servers may be due to a massive influx of players that, simply, EA Sports was not able to anticipate. The solution is to expand and improve these servers and prepare them for every weekend and the massification of players around the world.
Another of the fiercest criticisms of FIFA 19 has been the existence of a certain handicap, which appeared under certain conditions, which caused the parties to become unbalanced in favor of one of the participants.
These unfavorable situations are those that occur when a player is clearly dominating the game (it is denoted in superior possession, infinite shots on goal, shots on the sticks, clear chances wrongly absurdly due to AI ...) and the final score is He opts in favor of the rival, who scores so many with just one occasion, of rebound, with a defense that acts in a totally strange or arbitrary way (for example, moving away from his marks or "letting" easy balls pass ...), etc.
Despite never having been confirmed by the company itself (it has been denied even several times by important representatives of EA Sports), many video game professionals have complained about the existence of this disadvantage. And it is not on a whim.
Among the novelties of FIFA 20, as expected, there is no comment or improvement in this regard.
The CPU defense is another of the problems that many players have suffered in FIFA 19. In short, it consists of controlling a player from a higher line and letting the AI take charge of defending you. In general, the AI takes over the defensive line much better than the player himself and it becomes almost impossible to score somewhat when they defend you with a CPU.
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