Five Reasons to Use the FIFA 18 Companion App

2018-09-02 14:01

FUT management. This is the primary reason why FIFA 18 players use the app. They gain access to convenient features that give them the possibility to take care of Ultimate Team related things while they are away from the PC or console. Players can manage their squad, acquire new items, and obtain FIFA 18 Coins and prizes. 

More FUT activities. The app has two features that give players several activities to complete, Objectives and Squad Building Challenges. The second one is already familiar to players as it was first implemented in the main game. Objectives is a feature that gives players daily and weekly tasks but also special challenges. The great thing about these objectives is that they are cross-platform. Squad Building Challenges test players' squad building aptitudes. They must complete all sorts of challenges while using teams built by certain rules. 

Transfer Market. This is the place where players spend their coins on new items for their teams. But it's also the place that can get them a nice income. To make money on the transfer market one must always be up to date with what is happening. The only way to do that is to use the companion app. 

Permanent store access. The store is the place from which players buy packs. This is where they spend their coins and points on packs containing various items. Special deals are a nice opportunity to get packs for a discounted price. The app lets players check the store even when they are not at home so they can get enjoy the discounts and offers on the go. 

It's free. Any FIFA 18 player can use the app without paying a cent. This is not a separate game like FIFA mobile that can be played by anyone. The companion app is a tool for those who have the main game. There's no extra cost and it provides extended functionality for the game. Being always connected to your UT through the iOS or Android app will ensure that you get better results when playing on the main device. 

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