How to Link FIFA 18 and Twitch Accounts

2018-06-16 13:22

Starting April 2018, FIFA 18 players have the chance to get rewards when watching game streams on Twitch. But before they get the rewards they must link their game and Twitch accounts. The game account is the same as the EA account. Those who have previously done this to receive Madden NFL 18 rewards, don't need to take the step one more time. 

All those who have FIFA 18 already have an EA account. The next step is to make sure that the Gamertag or the PSN ID is connected to the EA account associated with the game. The Gamertag is the Microsoft service while the PSN ID is for those who use a PlayStation console. Once all this is in order, players can proceed to the next step. Obviously, they need a Twitch account. If they have more than one then they need to select the one they want to be linked to the EA account. They must go to the Twitch website following the link from the EA website and log in to the desired account. The next thing to do is to log into the EA account. This is done using the email address and password. The security code is needed as well. Users receive the code on their phone if they are using the app authenticator, otherwise, the code is received through email. They must input the code in the Enter your Security Code field. If everything is in order, users will see the option to link the two accounts. Once this is done, a notification appears. When users will check the Connection option in the Twitch account they will see EA there. 

Having the two accounts linked enables users to receive rewards when they watch certain streams. For example, if they watch the official EA Sports FIFA 18 Global Series games on Twitch they will receive a kit and have the opportunity to obtain unique loot for Ultimate Team. It's important to mention that, in some cases, the winners are randomly chosen. 

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