FIFA Mobile Improves VS Attack and Adds Several Updates

2018-04-09 16:34

Mid Season update is a significant FIFA Mobile update. Several features were revamped and new activities were introduced. VS Attack is one of the existing features that was improved. This is a competitive FIFA Mobile mode that allows users to play matches against each other and get fifa coins. It's a ranked mode so players' performance is measured and players are placed in divisions based on how they fare in these games. To offer a better multiplayer experience, VS Attack went through some changes. Players will be happy to know that they won't be at a disadvantage anymore when the app freezes or when they disconnect while playing against another user in VS Attack mode. The process that reconnects users after a crash or connection loss was improved so players will now be able to resume their game faster. The possessions that were part of the game were updated. Players will also notice that there are 50 new ones after the update. The prize system for VS Attack was changed too. It is a new one. The rewards are easier to obtain as they are shown for each division. 
A couple more updates and changes were implemented based on the feedback received from the users. Some of these updates concern the player training feature. If players that have been leveled are spent to level other FIFA 18 players, then users will have to pay fewer coins. Users are now able to protect their valuable players by locking them. Locked players cannot be used as leveling material. They also cannot be used in squad building challenges. When players are looking at another player's profile and check out their lineup, more info such as footballers' details are now available. Players that are not ranked will be able to receive ranks from other players who have them. Football players in a user's reserve were added for skill boosts. Browsing the market is easier thanks to two new criteria. It's possible to browse players by skill boost and nation. Revamped leagues and squad building challenges are other updates. 

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