FIFA Mobile - Troubleshooting Tips

2018-03-05 22:28

User ID. Each FIFA Mobile player has a unique number called user ID associated with their account. This number is needed to request and receive assistance from the support team. The user ID is found in the game at the end of the Credits screen in the Settings menu. In case the app cannot connect or log in, the user ID is shown in the Network Timeout notification message. Players are advised to retrieve their user ID and keep it at hand in case they need support with the game. One suggestion is to have the user ID stored on the same device used to play the game with FIFA Mobile coins. It can be stored in a note or as a screenshot. 

App is not connecting. There are multiple causes that can prevent FIFA Mobile from connecting to the Internet. Players should first check their own connection. This is easily done by accessing another app that uses the Internet. Opening the browser app and looking something on the Internet, for instance, should do the trick. If this is not an issue, players should then check FIFA Mobile servers status. It's posted on Twitter whenever servers are down for maintenance or updates. If the servers are up and the app is still not loading, players can check out game forums and the FIFA Mobile help website to see if there are others with the same issue. Force closing the app and restarting it might help. 

App crashes. This issue is normally solved by updating the app and/or clearing the cache. Players should first check if their app is updated to the latest version. It is recommended to allow the app to automatically update. In some cases, the app may also crash or freeze because of not enough available memory so players are advised to close apps that might hog the memory. Clearing the app's cache is another solution. This is done in the game from the Settings menu. An option called Clear Cache is available. 

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