The FIFA 18 Champions Barcelona Tripled TV Audience

2018-02-07 13:58

Last weekend was held in Barcelona the first stop of the FIFA 18 Champions Cup, the official tournament sponsored by Electronic Arts in search of the best players in the world. DhTekKz was proclaimed champion among the controversy because of the technical problems that forced to change the rules with the test already started. Some mistakes that saw more viewers than ever.

Because according to a report by The Esports Observer, he experienced a great growth in the number of online viewers. He has encrypted it in 2.1 million hours of competition visualized through Twitch, a huge jump compared to the 788,000 hours of tracking the channel recorded last year in the same phase.

One of the reasons cited by the media is in the direct connection with FIFA 18 Ultimate Team CD Key. FUT players could win live prizes just by watching the competition. This promotion may have served as a glue for players who are not regular spectators. But if this has attracted curious, it has not been noticed much, because the viewing time has also grown. The average per viewer has gone from 22 minutes in 2017 to more than one hour in 2018, a growth of 184%.

Some very positive figures for this new tournament format, especially considering that eSports fans had at their disposal also DreamHack Leipzig, the final of Eleague Major in Boston, the finals of Evo Japan and the finals of ESL One Dota in Genting. The winners of the Championship Cup rounds will meet in the final phase, the FIFA eWorld Cup. We will be attentive to the next round, in April, to see if Barcelona's trend remains.

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