Handicap in FIFA 18?

2017-12-11 14:38

One of the biggest polemics of the Electronic Arts football saga could have been exposed. FIFA, the sports title par excellence of the company, has been the focus for years for a scourge that thousands of players claim to have suffered: the handicap.
FIFA 18, whose greatest exponent returns to be Ultimate Team for another year, has been exposed to the wrath of thousands of fans who cry out for a solution to connection, delay or handicap errors during matches, which have ended up undermining the experience of the most hardcore players in the saga, whose latest installment was released this past September 29 on Nintendo Switch, PC, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One. On the same day, FIFA 18 Coins are started for sale online.

Precisely the handicap is one of the complaints that has been repeated over the years, whose victims report the unreality of certain results, being impossible to win on certain occasions to the CPU or online rival, giving the feeling that your players They are less fast and your shots more erratic, while the rival seems to have multiplied their capabilities exponentially.

Although the directors of Electronic Arts have always denied this claim, a document published by Dream Team could make all the suspicions effective. The document in question, written by employees of the company, talks about the dynamic difficulty, or in other words, an algorithm that detects the way of playing of each user adapting the difficulty and experience of the game in a personalized way.

In this way, if a player is losing in any game "you could give the character extra speed, an improvement in the accuracy or jump distance, adjusting some controls", says the document itself. "In some cases, adjustments can also reduce a player's ability and improve that of another. For example, they can make a character faster but reduce accuracy in the shot. "

At the moment there is no evidence about the veracity of these tests. On the other hand, the directors of the company have always denied this practice. "There's nothing like that in the game, so when the press asks us about it, we can only make it clear that it does not really exist," said Sam Rivera, producer of FIFA 18 Dream Team, who also says that is "impossible to correct all the failures, since we are talking about a very complex game with millions of lines of code".

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