Tips & Tricks to Better Attack in FIFA 18

2017-11-16 10:06

As we promised, here we are with the best tricks and tips to attack better in FIFA 18. Last time we showed you how to defend as a champion and we trust you put our advice into practice. That is why today, we have come to bring you these new tips to attack like Christiano Ronaldo himself.

Even if you already know which are the best players in FIFA 18, if you do not have a good tactic or a proper formation it will not do you any good to have real stars because you will not score many goals. That is why in FIFA 18 it is essential to choose a good formation and a good tactics on the pitch to score many goals. That is why today we are going to show you the best tips to attack in FIFA18, although these depend on the players you have available. Have no good players for your team? Cheap FUT 18 Coins will help get good players in transfer market. 

Choose the best players on your team
To attack better in FIFA 18 you will need good players, but also the right tactics for the occasion, and that covered by the ideal formation of attack. Before you start to think about attack strategies you must be aware that, the more you play the attack, the more chances you can score, which could lead you to matches with many goals.

To choose the best, you must look at their statistics. A good technique is to look for players who have a power similar to that of your favorite player. Let's take Messi and Javier Hern√°ndez as an example; look for players with a score and abilities similar to theirs.

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