FIFA Mobile - Check Out the New Game Features that Will be Available in the Second Season

2017-10-16 13:41

FIFA Mobile is programmed for a reset in November 2017. When the new season begins, all players start the game once again from scratch. Players cards and teams will be reset. Coins and all other tokens will be reset as well, however, FIFA points will be kept. The start of the new season comes with a new challenge for all players but also with some additions. 

The campaign mode is a single player activity. This will offer players the chance to get rewards when completing episodic challenges. The campaign will have multiple chapters. When players finish a chapter, they obtain all sorts of rewards including new football player cards. A training mode comes to FIFA Mobile but it's not user training, it's football players training. This mode offers users the possibility to train their cards. All cards can be trained. Skills boost is a new game addition. This is similar to the old game changers feature. Skills boosts will allow players to upgrade their cards by improving their OVR and attributes. The boost itself can be enhanced as well. Players rankings is another newly introduced feature. This becomes available after a player reaches 100 OVR. Users will be able to rank their players. Events are already part of FIFA Mobile but the new season will bring them in a new format. There will also be new activities under the events category. Some player favorite events such as Team Heroes and Team of the Week will still be available in the new season. 

All these features and modes are not yet implemented but players can already perform activities that will make the beginning of the new season easier. There are some football player cards that can be acquired right now and used at the start of the new season. These players are obtained by completing plans. The Pre-Season program is the last program in the current season and it was added to the game to help players prepare for season two. 

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