What Features of FIFA 17 Do We Expect in FIFA 18

2017-08-07 13:54

We have reached the end of this analysis. Thank you all for staying with us and accompanying us in the 6 parts of this adventure. Today we would like to close with the finishing touch with the best feature of FIFA 17. We are talking about its Ultimate Team (FUT) mode.

FIFA Ultimate Team: one of the most beloved game modes
FUT or FIFA Ultimate Team proved to be one of the most complete game modes to date; And is that, in addition to giving us the opportunity to create our own team from scratch, allowed us to design it based on our effort. How? Very easy. Each time we played a game (win or lose), we were rewarded with virtual coins, which could later be exchanged for envelopes.

The envelopes contained everything necessary to design a strong and original equipment. There were different envelopes, but each one offered us the possibility of having stars of the quality of Cristiano Ronaldo (we had to be very lucky for it, but it happened).

FIFA Ultimate Team or FUT re-injected that taste for FIFA (something that was already lost), as we wanted to continue playing for hours and hours to get more and more coins to buy more envelopes.

EA made a success with FIFA 17. Created an incredible, unique and addictive game that we continue to play to this day. However, thanks to what we could see in E3, we know that he will repeat this great success with FIFA 18.

Thank you all for being with us through this whole analysis! We hope you liked it! And welcome to our site to buy FIFA 18 Coins and game keys.

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