FIFA 18 Fans Are Asking For A Downgrade For Cristiano Ronaldo

2017-06-22 15:30

Undoubtedly, every video game has its advantages and disadvantages, as well as its good and bad points. FIFA 18 will not be the exception, since it has begun a request to lower the attributes of the player Cristiano Ronaldo. Cases similar to this have been seen in games such as Overwatch or Call of Duty, where players ask the developer to downgrade the weapons of the game, but, such request had never been seen this in a soccer game.

A group of Reddit users has begun a campaign to ask EA to review Cristiano Ronaldo's statistics, in preparation for the launch of FIFA 18, in the game. In the mentioned forum these fans openly comment on their dissatisfaction with what they believe is a serious imbalance in some aspects between the statistics shown in the game and the real performance of CR7 on the pitch, such as speed.

The vast majority of the more than 200 comments of the thread support the idea that a revision of the numerical values of Ronaldo is necessary. This player has long been considered the best of the game, and with EA's recent announcement that Ronaldo will be the FIFA 18 cover, many users fear that the player's skills will not be reviewed by the development team. This would put Ronaldo above the performance of the rest of players recreated in the game.

We will see if EA listens to this sector of users and balances some aspects of the player in the next delivery, despite having it as the standard bearer of the franchise for next year. No matter what ea will do, we as the professional FIFA 18 Coins will offer reliable cheap service for all FIFA fans.

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